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With the increasing number of vehicles on the roads of Beverly Hills, car accidents are common. If you are injured in a car accident, you must seek immediate medical attention and look after your health. Every year, many people lose their lives in car accidents, and some people also lose their loved ones. Fatal accidents can also seriously affect a person physically as well as emotionally in the long-term.

Following a car accident, a person may suffer from serious health issues as a result including emotional distress, medical expenses, a loss of wages, and the financial burden of covering day-to-day expenses. While you take care of your health, our experienced and caring car accident attorney Beverly Hills will look after your legal needs.

With poor health conditions or emotional distress, it is hard to concentrate on legal proceedings. With the help of your car accident attorney, you can move your claim forward in court much faster and get the right compensation that you deserve.

Our car accident attorneys work deliberately to bring justice to our clients. Our aggressive lawyers represent each client in the court and help to bring them justice.

We understand how much it means for you to get financial support at a time where you are suffering. It may not lower your pain and suffering, but it can help you get rid of financial burdens such as mounting hospital bills, medical expenses, surgery, supportive equipment and more.

Therefore, feel free to contact our aggressive car attorney at Prosmushkin & Davis, P.C., we give our best to bring us justice.

How can our Beverly Hills car accident lawyers help you?

Along with emotional and physical damage, a car accident can substantially cause you to experience job loss or wage reduction which can seriously reduce your family’s income, especially if you are the primary breadwinner.  Piling medical expenses along with family expenses can place even more financial stress on victims of a car accident. For most car accidents victims, their only form of financial relief is their source of income which can be cut due to an accident. It becomes near impossible to meet accelerating expenditure.

At the same time, fatal accidents keep families mourning for days and even months. The grief of losing a member of your family can be more devastating than anything that you have experienced. If the accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence or inattentiveness while driving, then that person can be penalized under the law.

In such cases, you may be entitled to get legal relief such as financial compensation for injuries and damages that result from the car accident. While you consult with your experienced car accident lawyer, your attorney will evaluate how much your claim may be worth. Our caring and dedicated attorneys will lend you the support that you need to get through such a difficult time.

  • Evaluating the worth of the case-While finding out if someone else is responsible for the car accident, your attorney will evaluate the worth of your case. He or she will analyze the damage, suffering, and loss to calculate the value of the compensation that you may be entitled to after your car accident
  • Quick action and investigation-Our team of experienced lawyers takes quick action to find out the person at fault. Then, they investigate the case and do not leave any stone unturned, in order to build the strongest case for you. It is essential to have a strong foundation in personal injury cases involving car accidents in order for your attorney to prove how the other person was responsible for the accident.
  • Dealing with insurance companies-One of the most critical aspects of a legal case after a car accident is how to handle insurance companies. They keep on contacting the victim to settle the case outside of court and offer them negotiable compensation. They may also exploit a victim by trying to get a signed statement from them that is in the insurance company’s favor. At Prosmushkin & Davis, P.C., we handle the insurance companies and the other party’s to ensure that you are not taken advantage of.

How much does your car accident case worth in Beverly Hills?

There is no definite answer to this question. Every car accident case is different. Many factors go into calculating the worth of a car accident. The experience of your Beverly Hills Car Accident Lawyer matters in deciding the worth of your case. Our highly experienced lawyers use the following basis to calculate the value of your compensation claim.

  • The Injury-The degree of injury of the victim is considered. In other cases, even the death of the victim is noted to calculate the compensation amount.
  • Victim’s age and health-The victim’s age and health at the time of the accident is another determining factor to calculate accident compensation.
  • The victim’s life circumstances-It is judged whether the victim had a job and number of dependent family members, his or her activeness in society, etc.
  • Who is at fault-The compensation amount largely depends on how the accident happened and responsible. In Beverly Hills and other areas  of California, if both of the parties are responsible for an accident, then compensation for losses may be reduced. Liability for the accident can be divided between them according to each person’s share of fault.
  • Insurance to cover the loss-Attorneys also evaluate to what extent insurance proceeds are available to cover the victim’s loss.

Therefore, we conclude that not all car accidents are the same. Each car accident compensation amount varies from situation to situation and some claims are more complex than others, especially if there are more than two parties involved. It is well understood that financial compensation cannot bring back your loved ones or return your life back to normal, but you may need money to help you and your family get back on your feet financially. While you get the compensation you deserve, you can pay for  bills and daily expenses. Money seems to be even more important when your wages have stopped and you have dependents to take care of.

Reasons causing most of the car accidents on the roads of Beverly Hills

Most car accidents can be  attributed to carelessness. Inattentive driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol causes the deaths of hundreds of people every year. Every state has set rules and regulations about road safety to follow. If a driver breaks the law and ends up in a motor-vehicle accident, then he or she may be held liable for breaking traffic rules. The most common reasons reported to cause a car accident in Beverly Hills are:

  • Drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs
  • Distracted driving such as answering a phone call
  • Breaking speed limits and overtaking another vehicle
  • Tailgating
  • Aggressive and unpredicted driving along the road
  • Drowsy driving especially during night driving or long-distance driving
  • Underaged drivers who are inefficient
  • Road rage

Proving the negligence

It is essential to prove that the accident happened due to the other party’s negligence. Remember that the opponent will try their best to blame the accident on you. Therefore, act before it’s too late. Call our law firm today to file a timely lawsuit that can help you get  maximum compensation that you deserve. Here are a few things you may be required to do to facilitate your case and prove your point.

  • Accident scene pictures-If your health permits, take snapshots of the accident scene. Capture the vehicles involved and the collision, road conditions, tire marks, license plates of the cars, traffic signals damages and more information that would be helpful to proving your case.
  • Witnesses at the scene-If possible, talk to the eyewitnesses present at the scene. This may help you to establish your case later on in the court.
  • Details of the driver and car-Take all possible details of the driver such as his name, phone number, driver’s license and address. Also, note the vehicle license plate number for future reference.

While you assist us with your car accident case by providing such valuable inputs, our strategic Auto Accident Attorney Beverly Hills will build a strong case for you and ensure that you get the highest possible compensation for the damages caused.

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