The coronavirus has indisputably had severe implications for the global economy. Every industry and country is struggling to deal with the pandemic situation and the accompanying financial crisis. It has taken a toll on the economy of the U.S. just as much.

As COVID-19 continues, most industries are finding ways to deal with the situation. In terms of law firms, it’s vital for them to handle this unprecedented situation in order to continue moving forward.

Many lawyers have accepted the change and adopted various measures to deal with the pandemic situation. Law firms have changed their patterns of managing and communicating with their clients.

Some law firms have even rolled back their pay cuts as the crisis continues. Many law firms are adopting new technology to overcome the challenges they face. However, the fact remains that many law firms are finding it hard to deal with the global pandemic situation.

Amid the busy season and pandemic situation, it may prove difficult for law firms to find potential clients. It may get even more difficult if law firms cannot adapt to these new and unusual times.

The traditional profession has various established patterns and rules attached to it. One cannot forget the way the profession functions and works on this traditional, fundamental level. However, because of the current situation, it is vital to adapt to the newest technologies.

That being said, many significant law firms are effectively navigating the situation. Here are some lessons that an effective law firm can take away from the current pandemic situation:

  1. Embrace the remote working culture.

Due to COVID-19, businesses were forced to shut down globally. Various companies, operations, schools, universities, law firms, and industries began operating entirely from home.

It was the work-from-home culture that helped us in continuing our efforts to keep our firm afloat. For example, the business meetings are now happening through online video conferencing apps. This has also reduced the work commuting and travel costs.

Different researchers have even found that employees’ productivity remained the same and was even higher at home. It is even more flexible to operate from home. However, law firms should maintain contact with their employees and adequately communicate their needs. As COVID-19 continues to affect us, it is crucial to embrace and adopt remote working practices.

  1. Maintaining communication with the team is the key.

It is crucial to bring your team together in times like these. Whether you are a law firm or any other business entity, you cannot ignore the value of communication. When it comes to remote working, communication becomes even more critical. As the law firm owner, you should ensure that you are maintaining contacts with your employees. You should ensure that every task is communicated clearly and effectively.

Plan virtual meetings and calls to discuss everything in detail and give briefs about the clients. Moreover, give your employees a little flexibility when working from home.

  1. Prepare for the digital client meetings.

It is not just the team that is communicating through video calls. The clients are also communicating with law firms through video calls and applications. When you are scheduling a video meeting with a client, ensure that everything is ready ahead of time.

Prepare in advance for the meeting and ensure that all of your employees attending the meeting are familiar with the software. Technical issues can happen at any time. Therefore, make sure that everyone is aware of the basics of the software in use.

Make sure that two or three employees are attending the meeting. If there are any technical issues, one employee can handle the client’s communication while the other troubleshoots their issue. It will save the client’s time, and that of your employees’.

  1. Hire part-time employees and contractors.

If your employees cannot function or need extra assistance, you can consider hiring part-time employees and contractors. This will reduce the workload and be beneficial to both you and your overwhelmed employees. Make sure that the part-time employees you hire are well-versed with technology and digital software, it will make your life easier as well.

Law firms can do much better if they adopt the right practices. At Prosmushkin and Davis, P.C. we have been helping clients get their claims and benefits even in these trying times. You can connect with us via phone or video conferencing. We will ensure that you get the legal consultancy and level of professionalism that you both need and deserve.

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